Self portrait done in 1980

I always loved motorcycles. I saw the "Wild One" with Marlon Brando when I was little, and I was "taken". I missed "Easy Rider", and probably glad I did. But the night I saw Bruce Browns' film, " On any Sunday" in 1969, I knew that I was born to road race.

I studied Art in Italy at L' Academia De Belli Arti Di Roma on a scholarship in 1972. It was in Rome that I fell in love with Italian Motorcycles. Moto Gilera, Moto Morini, Lavarda, Benelli,Moto Guzzi, these were the motorcycles that inspired me.

When I returned to America, I found a Moto Gilera 124-V at the San Jose flea market for $35.00. They had been Imported by Sears, all parts were available. I fixed it and made it run. One day I was Taking my Gilera apart and putting it back together, just to keep the engine pristine, a young man approached me. He told me his sister had seen me working on my bike and thought we should meet. His name was David Reed. He was 17 years old had a TZ 250. He had been injured and could no longer race. We became fast friends, and my race career was launched. We went to Riverside Race way. I went to riders school, my class was Grand Prix 250. Freddie Spencer was the instructor. I did well, I raced the next day in 250 G.P., 500 open, and 750 open.

My journey from 1969 to 1980 took over 10 years. I must tell you it was worth the wait. I lost all my friends they thought I was nut), My job hated me (thought I would get killed, and miss work) and there was no one to take my photo or cheer for me except Dave. You know it was all worth it. If you have a dream, don't dream it, BE IT! Life goes by too fast. Don't be the one who always says, "Ya Know I could'a", or "I should have".


Thank You for visiting Classic Two Stroke Motorcycles. I will be updating and constantly changing this page. My next project is to attend the YSR 50 races in Rancho Cordova on May 21st. Photos to follow and Artwork to be done. Best to you and yours. See you on the motorcycle backloads! but that's another story....


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